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Africa Agriculture Watch Launch Event



Africa's food production systems constantly battle numerous threats, including climate shocks, conflicts, health crises, plant disease, and pest outbreaks. The disruptions engendered by such crises require accurate and timely data generation to predict and inform agricultural production for better preparedness and intervention planning; however, such data analytics with predictability capabilities is not readily accessible to decision-makers across the continent.

In response to the agricultural data gap in Africa, AKADEMIYA203 developed Africa Agriculture Watch (AAgWa). Launched in 2021, AAgWa is a web-based platform that employs cutting-edge machine learning techniques and satellite remotely sensed data to predict agricultural yields and production levels of several crops across Africa to support decision-making, monitoring, crisis management, and effective intervention planning in local communities.

In light of the foregoing context, AKADEMIYA2063 is hosting an event to mark the official launch of the AAgWa program. The event will facilitate high-level stakeholder engagement around the use of AI and emerging technologies to drive agricultural productivity and strengthen resilience across Africa for better crisis preparedness in the face of shocks such as the Russia-Ukraine war and COVID-19. 

Join us on Thursday, April 27, 2023, from 10:00 to 13:30 GMT under the theme “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Decision-making in the African Agricultural Sector.”