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AKADEMIYA2063 Fast Mapping Tool – Training for Rwanda Stakeholders


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Research projects, intervention planning, status assessment, evidence building, and impact assessment rely heavily on mapping data. However, the technical requirements for mapping a dataset may not be widely accessible to all practitioners. This poses a significant issue, limiting opportunities for practitioners to utilize geographical distribution, track changes over time, and identify patterns for improved decision-making.


AKADEMIYA2063, through ReSAKSS, has developed the Fast-Mapping Tool to address this gap. It allows researchers, development agencies, and governments, among other stakeholders, to map their data in an automated way without any required background in GIS mapping. The Fast-Mapping Tool is an open-access web portal available globally, which only requires an internet connection, minimum data, and eight clicks to generate a downloadable map in an image format.


To help users fully utilize the Fast-Mapping Tool, AKADEMIYA2063 will be hosting a one-hour virtual training session on October 27, 2023, at 1 PM CAT. The training will cover the fundamentals of GIS and thematic mapping and provide an introduction to different types of thematic mapping, understanding how the Fast-Mapping Tool can transform the data into maps, and how to effectively use the tool to generate maps in an image format.


The training is designed for development practitioners and researchers who need to generate thematic maps to support their data collection, analysis, and reporting. Trainees are not required to possess any technical background in GIS software to participate in or benefit from these sessions.