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Consultation on the Post-Malabo Agenda for Action on CAADP

Theory of Change and Results Framework


Concept Note 


With the Malabo Declaration set to expire in 2025, the African Union Commission (AUC) is leading efforts to identify the strategic direction of CAADP (or the Post-Malabo CAADP Agenda) for the next 10 years (2026-2035) as part of the AU Agenda 2063 aspirations. AUC seeks to ensure that the Post-Malabo Agenda development process is broad, inclusive, and evidence-based and that all analytics to inform the design of the Agenda are led by African centers for excellence with the support of global knowledge centers. The Post-Malabo CAADP Agenda is expected to be launched at an Extraordinary AU Summit in Kampala in January 2025.


The overall goal of the consultation is to reflect on the CAADP journey so far and discuss the top issues to be considered in framing the Agenda. The specific objectives are: (1) review CAADP’s achievements and challenges so far, (2) discuss the long-term outcomes and actions to be considered and key indicators to track their progress, and (3) identify areas and mechanisms for deepening the CGIAR’s planned support to the Post-Malabo Agenda development process and beyond to facilitate implementation of the Agenda.


The event will allow participants and especially the CGIAR community to (1) better understand the ongoing process in the development of the Agenda, including the knowledge gaps and analytics needed, (2) contribute to the development of the theory of change and results framework of the Agenda, and (3) learn of the opportunities and mechanisms for further engagement, especially following adoption of the new Agenda. Learn more.